4 Essential Travel Accessories


It is often said that travel broadens the mind. Those of us who have explored the many difficult countries and cultures that the planet has to offer can attest to how accurate this statement is. As enjoyable as travel is, most of the time, it can also be fraught with difficulty. Most bad travel experiences are the result of a lack of preparation beforehand. As long as you take the time to assess exactly what you will be doing and, therefore, what you will need, you’ll be fine.

Wherever you are planning on going, these travel accessories are the ones that will make your trip as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.


Portable USB Charger

When traveling, most of us want to get away from the usual trappings of modern life for a little while. When traveling around the world, it seems like we should put our technology away for a while and focus on enjoying the world around us, appreciating all the sights, and taking in everything that the great outdoors has to offer. However, when separated from friends and family, it definitely helps to stay in touch. Many travelers, especially those who adventure solo, will experience some degree of homesickness.

A portable USB charger means that you can be certain that your most important communications devices will work when you need them to. Portable USB chargers work like rechargeable batteries, you simply charge the USB charger until it is full, and then plug in your USB devices in order to draw a charge.



A headlamp is a small torch, which is worn on the head. This means it is operated hands-free and provides illumination wherever the wearer is looking. Headlamps are not just useful accessories for anyone who enjoys nighttime exploring; they are also a valuable safety device. Should you need to walk near to a road at night or find yourself lost as the sun is going down, a headlamp will clearly illuminate you for drivers and decrease the chances of an accident occurring. Have a look at woodburyoutfitters.com for headlamps and other travel accessories.

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Waterproof Phone Cases

Cellphones can often end up serving a valuable function as a literal lifeline. If you become seriously lost in a foreign country, then your phone’s GPS should help you to find your way back. If you have a USB charger with you, then you will at least be able to avoid your battery running out. However, you also need to keep your phone safe from physical damage, which will render it useless. Choose a phone case that not only keeps the device safe from the impact of a drop or fall, but that is also waterproof so that your phone will be safe if it falls into the water.

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Micro Umbrella

Micro umbrellas are umbrellas that are designed to be extremely portable. Keeping an umbrella like this in your backpack is worth it if you are going anywhere where heavy rain is a possibility. Umbrellas aren’t suitable for all environments, but if you are out and about in a town or city then they can be very useful.

No matter where you are planning on heading for your next travels, be sure to pack all the accessories you need to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

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