4 Different Ways to Explore the City You’re In



When it comes to exploring new and exciting places there are a number of ways you can go about it. Different types of people will normally opt for different means of finding their way through cities. The questions to ask your self are: are you a technologically savvy traveller, a ‘go with the flow’ traveller, a prepared traveller or a well-read traveller? There are four main ways you can enjoy your overseas trip…

Seek technological assistance to plan your journey

Many people choose to download apps to help guide them through a city or even an entire country. This can be a great option if you are permanently attached to your phone, or if you have an iPad mini which is a great investment for overseas travelling! There are even social media platforms sich as FourSquare which can help guide you around a city with user comments and suggestions.


Base your adventure on those who have gone before you

A great way to find out where the best places to visit is to ask people you know who have also visited those destinations. It may surprise you that often the more ‘touristy’ destinations are not as worth-while as some of the hard-to-find secret spaces! If you don’t know anyone who has travelled to the same area then travel blogs are a great way to start researching as often they will provide much more insight than booklets.


‘Wing it’ and take your time exploring

One of the best things about visiting a new country is taking the time to investigate the ‘hidden gems’ that could be hiding down every alley way. This is an important part of travelling as it will enable you to build your own unique story rather than travel in someone else’s footsteps. You could always revert to the famous saying ‘do as the locals do’ and investigate some of the local night hot spots or even try to befriend some people at a local café or restaurant! Never underestimate the kindness of others in a foreign land!


Seek help from professionals or helpful guides

Booking an adventure tour is a popular option when it comes to travelling to a new far away land. You may also seek the help of travel literature which will often provide information on the more tourist-oriented destinations. You can even consult with a travel consultant who will most likely be able to help you plan your trip before you leave. If you choose this option be sure to find someone with hands-on experience as well as industry know-how such as the team at myadventurestore.com.

No matter how you plan your overseas expedition make sure you take the time to think about where you’re going to visit or at least how you plan to tackle your new and exciting land. The world awaits so why not start exploring now!

By Zoe Hilton

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