Well I have made it back to Australia! And Paul has got back from north Queensland (QLD) after seeing his sister for Christmas and we each talked about our time away… I thought I would share some of what Paul described about his time up in the north- it is such an amazing place- I can’t wait to go up there again with him…


1. Fishing on the back of a ute

Ute= utility truck. It has to be a 4WD. Everyone seems to own a 4WD up in the north, and for good reason- great National Parks, lots of beaches and bush land to explore and roads being cut from massive rainfall. Luck we now have a defender!
But why do they fish standing on the back o their utes? It’s weird! Paul told me they need to do this because fishing on the banks of rivers is too dangerous because of the crocs!!!

2. The best camping equipment

Even if you are not the camping type… Paul’s sister has this great generator and massive esky– much better than our equipment, yet they prefer to holiday in a hotel NOT a campground. Because of the big storms and cyclones bringing huge amounts of rain over summer, it is common for them to lose power and be cut off from shops for days on end.  Every household has great systems to keep power and food cold during this time!

3. Pluggers

Thongs, flip flops, chinelos, havaianas… Call them what you will. You don’t wear sandals, shoes or anything else. Everyone must own a pair of thongs and have it as their choice of footwear. The cheaper the better as you probably will get them ruined going from the beach or mud flats anyway!

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