3 Reasons Why Road Trips Are Better Than Flying


Most of us have bad memories of being stuck in the car for hours on a family vacation, arguing with siblings and complaining about how bored you are. It might put you off the idea of road trips for life but there’s no need to be so drastic. If you do it right, driving is a far better way to travel than flying. If you don’t believe me, here are 3 reasons why road trips are the best.


It’s Cheaper

If you’re heading to a large country for a couple of weeks and you want to see a lot of different areas, you’re going to spend a lot on flights. Once you factor in the cost of flying over there and then taking a few internal flights, you’re much better off getting a car. The cost of car rentals for a couple of weeks is considerably less than paying for multiple flights. You can save a lot of money on accommodation on a road trip as well. A lot of people like to camp along the way instead of staying in expensive hotels which saves you a lot of cash, especially when you’re going with the whole family.


You Can Avoid Airports

The price isn’t the only reason that avoiding flights is a bonus. Navigating an airport and waiting in line at security for ages is always a pain. Add kids to the mix and you’re setting yourself up for a stressful journey. Even though kids can be a bit of a pain on long car journeys, driving is so much easier than flying all the time. By avoiding airports, you also get to choose your own schedule. You don’t have to work around the flight times, you can leave whenever you want and you’ll never be rushing around to make a flight.

Airports are also very restrictive about what luggage you can take with you but you don’t have that problem when you’re driving. You can take whatever you want with you so you’ll have a far more comfortable journey.


You See More Of The Country

When you’re flying from place to place, you’ll see a couple of different locations, but you’re missing out on everything in between. In certain countries, the real beauty lies in the countryside between the big cities. If you’re visiting somewhere like Australia, for example, a road trip is perfect. You could go from city to city but you won’t get to see the amazing landscapes of the outback where you’ll spot some incredible wildlife. If you want a truly authentic travel experience, driving is the only way to get it.

You’ll also be able to discover so much more if you’re driving between places. Leave a few days blank on your schedule and see what you find along the way. Often on road trips, the best experiences that you have are at the places you just come across on the road rather than the places that you planned to go to.

If you’re put off by the idea of a road trip, just consider all of the benefits and try driving instead of flying next time you go away.


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