3 Awesome Things Your Kids Can Learn on Vacation in Gozo


If you have been reading about all the amazing places to visit around the world on travel blogs like holycity.org, you can’t help but wonder where you can take a family vacation. You want to go somewhere with the kids that they’ll actually enjoy, but you also want them to learn about life and other cultures in the process. It is a small world after all!

Why not consider a vacation in Malta, on the Island of Gozo in particular. This is one place that your kids will enjoy, even without those overpriced trendy theme parks. There’s much to see and do on this little island in the Mediterranean and the best part is, you don’t need technology to have a good time.


1| Technology Isn’t Needed to Meet New Friends

Every day your kids come home from school and before even cracking a book, they get on social sites like Facebook or Twitter. This is how most kids expect to meet new friends who don’t live in their neighborhood or go to their same schools. A vacation on Gozo Island can give your kids a whole new perspective on interpersonal relationships.

Most Gozitans are bilingual and although Maltese is the official language, so too is English. Your kids can interact with the locals because this is a family-oriented, friendly culture – unlike most places on earth. Visitors are amazed at just how friendly people on Gozo truly are.


2 | There Are Temples Even Older than the Pyramids of Egypt

Many times, in history class, kids are taught about the pyramids of Egypt to the exclusion of all other ancient temples around the world. Kids get a real kick out of visiting the Ggantija Stone Temples and are amazed to find that they are even older than the pyramids. They will gain a better perspective of ancient civilizations and the evolution of humans.

3| An Appreciation for Family Traditions

Perhaps the most important thing your kids will learn from a vacation in Gozo is a better understanding of just how important family traditions are. Just watching how craftsmen work as they have for countless generations, with skills being passed from father to son and mother to daughters is enlightening. In a culture where everything is learned in school or online, kids get an appreciation of what their own parents can teach them. They learn that families are what define them as people and that a family bond is not easily broken if you take the time to nurture it.

Sometimes it takes stepping away from our comfort zones to teach our kids a better appreciation for life. With so much focus on technology, we seem to have lost the human connection. Life on Gozo, although technology is available, is not dependent on technology as it is elsewhere in Europe or around the developed world. It really is possible to learn new things, meet new friends and develop close relationships with our families, and all without the aid of the digital realm. That’s what Gozo can teach your kids, and that’s a lot of learning in one summer vacation.

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