10 Unconventional Ways to Get Married



Getting married is a very special event and it should definitely be a memorable one. Some try to be lavish and spend a lot for a wedding to remember, while others do outrageous things and get married in very unique places. Here are a ten unconventional ways to say “I do.”


1 | Getting Hitched in a Fort

Using an old Spanish fort that was turned into a museum gives an old fashioned and historical feel to the wedding. The fort gardens are an excellent place to exchange vows while being surrounded by history and relics of a colourful past.


2 | On A Boat

The water is a very exciting place to get married. The scenery keeps changing and guests always enjoy a good cruise. However, it can also be a grand spectacle to have the wedding on say the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

wedding on a boat


3  | In A Cave

A cave provides unique photo opportunities and if done right, you can get married amidst beautiful rock formations with sunlight streaming down from holes like beacons shining on the newlyweds.

cave wedding

4 | In a Historic Library

This wedding location can be the perfect backdrop to a great wedding. Iconic libraries usually have wonderful architectural designs that can take your breath away. You can even add a theme that would go well with the setting – something like a 1920’s ball or a Renaissance theme.


5 | An Antique Store

This would be a good idea if you like looking for stuff in antique shops. You can go about mixing and matching your decorations while giving the wedding and scenery an old fashion feel especially when surrounded with old knickknacks.


6 | In Zero Gravity

Getting hitched while in zero gravity will surely be a hit with the guests and it will definitely be a unique experience to exchange vows while floating in a totally weightless area.


7 | In a Zoo

The feel of getting married with man-eating-animals close by can be quite a thrill. It would also be a unique experience to say I do to the occasional roar of a lion or the tweeting of wild birds.


8  | Getting Married in the Air

The blue sky and fluffy clouds act as the background for a wedding where nobody’s feet are touching the ground. This hot air balloon wedding also promises the best views for the whole wedding party to see and enjoy.


9  | Next to an Active Volcano

This is one way to express your red hot molten passion. The flaring lava and plumes of smoke provide unique scenery that would be a sight to behold. Plus the continuous building and rebuilding of the landscape can be a good metaphor for any relationship.

wedding while trekking

10 | In A Pirate Ship

This is the ultimate fantasy wedding setting. Get married as you loot and raid all the way to treasure island. Make your guests walk the plank and watch as pirates swing from the mast in this very unconventional wedding venue. A touch of decorations in the right places and a pirate captain to wed the two is definitely something to remember for years to come.

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