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How to make the most of your holiday

8 Incredible Winter Activities in Canada

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make the most of your holiday

How To Make the Most of Your Holiday

When you arrive at your holiday destination, you probably can’t wait to head out and start seeing the breathtaking sights that are advertised in your travel guide. However, you already spent a lot of time and money planning this trip, and you don’t want it to pass you by. If you’re intentional about your holiday […]

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8 Incredible Winter Activities to Try in Canada

If you are heading to Canada this winter, the first thing to say is that you’d better wrap up warm as the Canadian winter is renowned for its sub-zero temperatures and plenty of ice and snow.  Of course, this also means that the country becomes a haven for winter sports enthusiasts who are looking for […]

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parties around the world

Planning the Perfect Travel Party

If you are about to embark on an epic adventure around the globe or have just returned home from immersing yourself in a foreign culture, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a travel-themed party and invite round all your nearest and dearest friends. Whether you want to gain advice about how best to navigate the […]

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best places to see in cambodia

Best places to visit in Cambodia

The kingdom in Cambodia is where authenticity meets modern. Be it the fabled temples of Angkor, or its urban sophistication such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, or the refreshing beaches to the south of the country, Cambodia is sure to lure you with its beauty and magnificence.  Let us take a look at some […]

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cuisine mykonos

Experiencing the Cuisine of Mykonos| Greece

A major part of the travel experience is the food. It is quite the adventure to try out the cuisines that are peculiar to certain territories and that have been maintained and passed down through the generations to modern times. Other times, the new take on traditional dishes resulting in completely new and exciting recipes […]

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To get better skin while you are travelling, here are some top tips for beautiful skin.

Top tips for skin routine while you travel

Many believe that some people are naturally blessed with beautiful skin due to genetics. However, there are in fact a number of ways to improve your complexion and achieve the beautiful, glowing skin you’ve always wanted even while you are travelling! To get better skin while you are travelling, here are some top tips for […]

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