Cold night with a warm fire- how nice! We scored a free camping spot near Roma and I was over the moon to find out that we could make a fire.. I had just realized that I forgot our stove ( bad option when you are going to camp for a week!!) Roma is a busy little place with 4wd’s everywhere and mining is the reason. You can quickly spot them with their really tall red flags on the bull bars so other drivers can see the tall mining trucks can spot the “little cars”. With the hills full of coal it seems that Roma itself didn’t keep up with the mining rush- it is surprisingly busy for a town on the edge of the outback.
I try to imagine all this area without the mining and how beautiful the hills would be. I know Australia makes bucket loads of money with the mining business but eventually there has to be a catch to all this digging…
We are heading to Injune, heard the pub there is quite good! Paul is a little bit of a pub expert- he kind of senses where pubs are in town and if they’re good or not! Maybe all Aussies have this skill but it is pretty amazing!

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    Joseph Reply September 14, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    Who can resist a bear with a long ffulfy tail?Im glad Im not the only one with tornado status on my house. I will have to do something about come the weekend as there is a real risk I might injure myself falling over something laying on the floor that shouldnt be there.Top shot is ace love blurry HiroHave a great weekHelen 🙂

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