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October 2, 2016


As cycling holidays become the first choice of travel for a growing number of us, there is no shortage of places to conquer. Today the Armchair Traveller takes you to “Epic Bike Rides of The World” 

bike travel

Sometimes when travelling, a car can move too fast and walking can be too slow. Pedalling through the middle of the two is bicycle travel. For me, it’s the fact that you’re travelling at a different pace, a much more immersive pace, so you hear more and you smell things. We see things in a different perspective to sitting on a mini-bus or a train and zooming along. You really absorb a lot more.

bike travel

Well, again Lonely Planet got it right. The book “Epic Bike Rides of The World” features  200 of the best places to ride a bicycle in the world . From easy-going, family-friendly rides and urban sightseeing routes to epic adventures off the beaten track, you dont have to wear Lycra to see the world on two wheels.

bike travel

Inclusive, accessible and inspiring, the 200 rides feature 50 first-hand cycling stories and details of how to do the ride. Full-page photography, illustrations and maps add visual appeal. Destinations range from France, Spain and Italy, for the worlds great bike races, to the wilds of Mongolia and Patagonia.

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