11 Ways To Feed Your Piggy Bank Adventure Fund

September 30, 2015

How to save money for traveling, make an adventure jar.

1. Fill up on fuel mid-week when it’s cheaper.Save fuel money-off vouchers from supermarket receipts

If you’re planning a road trip on the weekend, don’t pay more for petrol by filling up last minute. Keep an eye on the fuel prices through the week.You might feel like an oldie cutting your coupons but 5 cents off every litre adds up.

2.Visit Your Local Library

Knowledge is power, but that power doesn’t come without a price, one that’s usually higher for hardcover. Cut down on your reading expenses by buying used books rather than new, or taking advantage of your local library, where you can check out books completely free of charge.Money saved: $20-$50 per month. $240-$600 per year. Based on buying 2-5 books per month at $10 each.

3.Substitute your $5 coffee for one you made yourself

There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly brewed coffee,  but the $3-$5 you’re spending each day on coffee could be put to much better use. If you can’t give it up altogether, switch to home-brewed. Even cutting out the pricey coffee a few days a week can make for significant savings. Or better yet, replace it with hot water, lemon and honey and enjoy the healthy benefits.

Money saved: $30 – $80 per month. $360 – $960 per year. Based on 3-7 drinks per week at $3 each.

4. Use your bike more, walk or get public transport

Cut down on using your car or getting cabs. Leave a bit earlier 😉and get fit!

5. Open a high interest savings account and shop around for a good everyday bank account

You’ve probably been sitting on your everyday bank account for a while. There are cash-back accounts, accounts that charge no ATM fees and accounts that offer interest for your daily banking. Shop around and move your money (most good interest rates expire after a set time). Name your new high interest savings account something motivational like ‘next adventure’ and add to it  whenever you can.

6. Sell, sell, sell

See all those unused, unneeded, forgotten belongings cluttering up your closet or basement? Now’s the time to get rid of it all. Host a garage or go the electronic route and post it all on gumtree or ebay. Old clothes, handbags, jewellery, electronics, surfboards etc. I am surrounded by toys and items I never use. I’ve managed to turn this into a few extra grand of travel money

Money earned: $100-$1000 per year.

7. Brown- bag your lunches. Eat out less. Pack your own food for road trips

This is a huge one. Bringing your own lunch to work doesn’t have to mean resigning yourself to an eternity of peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. Not only is your food likely to be more healthy then what’s available at service stations, but you’ll be less likely to buy snacks if you already have them. Make sure you always have enough drinking water in the car as bottled water is just ridiculously overpriced.

8. When purchasing a flight, use an incognito web browser

Airline booking sites cookie your browser and creep the price up every time you go back to their web page. Go incognito so they don’t know you are returning.

9. Downgrade your phone plan

Negotiate your mobile phone plan and try to reduce your monthly bill. If possible, move off the monthly contract as soon as you can and go on a pay-as-you-go set up.

10. Cut Out Payed TV

At $30, $50, $100 or even more per month, payedTV isn’t exactly cheap.  With most shows available on DVD or the internet now, you might not even miss on it. Also, you will ended up having more free time to do soon much more than just be glued to the screen.Money saved: $30-$100 a month. $360-$1200 a year.


11. Stay focused and don’t give up

This is the biggest one. Remember why you are saving and what it means to you. Try to enjoy the process and become more outcome focused as the outcome of saving all this cash will mean you have options to do whatever the hell you like!

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